How It Works

A Benefits Marketplace solution provides any size business with an online “Store” that changes the way employees purchase benefits. Employers create the funding and the rules. Then employees choose their own benefits, based on what works for them. One size doesn't fit all especially when it comes to benefits. 

Benefits provided in the store include group health, dental, vision, life, disability and so much more, from national and regional providers. 

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The Problem Facing Employers

Employers that have traditional employee benefit programs also have: 

  • Soaring Benefits Cost: They Spend more & get less
  • Misaligned Coverage: "One-size-fits-all” does not work for everyone
  • Benefit Administration Headaches.
  • Employees Don’t Understand the True Value of Their Benefits

Traditional Alternatives available to Employers

The Annual Juggle of Benefit Programs:

  • Spend Even More on Benefits
  • Switch Carriers, Limit Coverage, Increase Deductibles or Pass More Costs Onto Employees

A better solution - What a benefit marketplace offers employers


  • Employers set the budget and the rules for Group benefits, allowing employees to shop online and buy what is personal to them
  • Employees choose the coverage that meets their individual and family needs with a variety to pick from.  From Medical to Ancillary/Voluntary Programs.
  • Employee satisfaction increases by choosing a custom plan and not carrying the cost of unnecessary coverage.
  • Benefits administration procedures are streamlined, with Cheshire Group and the benefit online marketplace enabling enrollment, employee questions, new hires, terms, life events and more.

What this means to employers and why it matters 

Finally, Custom Benefits Without the Hassle:

  • Employees are better protected and receive personalized coverage. Comprehensive coverage = “total protection”
  •  Everyone has control over their money = Employers control what they spend and employees control what they spend
  • Employees have a better understanding of the cost and value of their                 benefits
  • Employers save time, save money and enjoy a streamlined benefits                    process

A better solution from the cheshire group:

There is Always a Better Solution and Cheshire Group Knows How to Deliver It:

  • Cheshire Helped Create the Benefits Marketplace
  • Cheshire Launched the Market
  • Cheshire Grew the Market

The Cheshire Group Inc. is the innovative benefits solution company that helps businesses control benefit costs, increase employee satisfaction and reduce the burden of benefits administration.  Whether clients are fully-insured or self-insured, Cheshire Group provides businesses of all sizes a “marketplace” of employee benefit solutions; award-winning benefits marketplace technology and tools; full-service employer and consumer support/advocacy from licensed insurance specialists.