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The success of any business depends on its people. Your ability to attract and keep the best people will determine your company’s future success. But hiring talent is not all about who offers the highest salary. It’s about offering each employee the environment, experience and benefits that ensures they are happy, engaged, and motivated.
You talked. We listened.

We are proud to introduce, Sage Benefit Advisory Services. 

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Benefit Advisory

The partnership between Sage and Cheshire Group means more than just providing benefits, it means providing an experienced Benefit Advisor to support your organization. No longer are you consumed with the annual benefits juggle of passing costs onto employees,  reducing benefits, or spending even more on benefits. Your Benefit Advisor will provide you with guidance and support from an analysis of your benefits budget to the selection and implementation of your plans. You will feel at ease knowing your Sage Benefit Advisor has your back.

Benefit Delivery

A Sage Benefit Advisor is not only with you to plan your benefits program, but they are by your side to deliver it. A Sage Benefit Advisor will lead your organization through a successful open enrollment. We take pride in the robust education and training we provide to ensure each employee fully understands the benefits technology and plans provided. We audit all of the enrollment data and we ensure a smooth transition of data from our systems to the carrier. With a Sage Benefit Advisor you can feel at ease focusing on your business and leaving the benefits to us. 

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Benefit Advocacy

Open enrollment may only come around once per year, but that doesn't mean that's the only time you'll speak with your Sage Benefit Advisor! We are here for you year round! We always advocate on your behalf and stand up for you and your employees. From issues with understanding benefits to challenges processing a claim, we are your advocate and we will fight the good fight. 


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